HR: Sticky Plaster or Strategic Partner?

Too many businesses see HR as a last report – a bandage or sticky plaster to put on when things go wrong and people problems emerge.

In fact, HR can add real value to a business, making the most of its most valuable and versatile asset… its people.

One of our previous blogs detailed what HR is and what it includes. A recent article within HR Zone confirms our stance at Consensus HR: it is time that HR left the ‘Bandage Business’.  Article author Robert Quinn writes: “In a world where 70% of the global workforce is unengaged and 52% of the management workforce is unengaged, how do we create cultures where people flourish and exceed expectations? Leadership development and cultural vitality are big HR challenges that face every organisation. “

When HR took over from Personnel & Training, it was with the aim that HR would become a key part of any business. This would involve understanding how HR could make a difference to the coalface of the business and what it provides.

HR is not a standalone function that has an office at the back of house. To be truly effective, it should be proactive rather simply called upon when the organisation needs support to get out of a difficult situation.

Good HR works with one of the company’s main assets; its employees. It ensures that they take a key part in the business and the decisions it makes.  Too often, employers are reluctant to make changes, to be proactive about protecting and maximising the impact of their teams. This is especially true when businesses are running smoothly and profitably. A lack of communication and HR involvement can seriously affect how long the good times last.

HR needs to be a strategic partner in a business. From recruitment and training to performance management and employment law… the HR function can help the business to perform successfully whilst getting the best from its team.

Matthew from Consensus HR adds: “HR is about managing people but also ensuring that you are seen as an employer of choice – one who makes reasonable decisions for the success of the employees and business.”