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UK drops out of EU workers’ top six countries

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With the UK unemployment being at its lowest since 1975 and currently standing at 4.3 %, UK employers need to wake up and smell the coffee when it comes to recruiting & retaining its workforce! Recent figures show that the UK is no longer in the top six (EU) European countries employees would chose to move to for work. Accounting firm BDO Global’s 2017 report, which surveyed 10,000 people across 20 countries, showed that the UK had fallen out of the rankings.


Matthew from Consensus HR comments: “Many industries such as the Hospitality sector & NHS will are finding it hard to attract and retain European Country employees even though the first stage of ‘Brexit’ has been concluded which guarantees to a certain extent their rights after Brexit to stay in the country etc. Employers regardless of sector need to ensure that they retain their teams as a recent report showed that EU nationals residing and working in the UK was at a record high, with 2.37 million workers from EU states. I know from my hospitality days, recruitment was extremely hard and it was not until many new countries joined the EU & were allowed to work in the UK that we were able to attract for roles such as cleaners, room cleaners & sales assistants.


Employers now need to start looking at the skills of their workforce and developing the talent required to take their businesses forward so as to ensure retention of employees is maintained. We work with employers to look at their companies current training / skills needs and work with them to identify & implement the relevant development required for their team / business. Maintaining a productive happy workforce is a major part of what the HR aspect of a business is and by having the correct systems in place such as regular six monthly constructive performance reviews and structured development will help to ensure a successful business.


Employers need to look after one of their main assets, their team and manage accordingly or could face an employee shortage going forward due to Brexit and the implications it is having on attracting / retaining European Citizens and the need to depend on the talent available within this country.


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