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Top Five HR Tips

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Top Five HR Tips – People are a vital and volatile asset for any business. Effective HR saves time and offers business owners flexibility. These TOP Five HR Tips will help keep your team working efficiently and harmoniously.
  1. Know Your Team

It’s crucial that you know who is fully engaged with your business and it’s direction – and who isn’t. The sickness absence of disengaged employees is almost 230% that of engaged team members. (Gallup research shows 6.2 days compared with 2.7 days per year.) Can your business afford to lose these extra days?

Top tip: Listen to and involve all team members so that everyone feels a key part of your business, promoting commitment and flexibility.
  1. Manage Unique Individuals

Acknowledge and support team members’ skills, style and requirements to get the most from each individual. Everyone is unique! If you have employees, you need a Performance Management system (Appraisal), which will capture business and personal goals. Matthew from Consensus HR explains: “Performance management involves regular conversations and meetings with your team. It will help you to highlight who is going the extra mile to make the business a success and who shirking responsibility.”

Top tip: Include SMART goal setting within your Appraisals, (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Time based).
  1. Get the Right Talent in the Right Place

Research shows that on average the cost for recruiting an employee in the UK is £8,000. It is therefore vital that your recruit the right person for the role. “Too many business owners recruit people based upon first impressions, on their gut feel,” explains Matthew Pinto-Chilcott. “When recruiting you need to look at the Job Description and identify what skills & competencies are required for the ideal candidate.”

Top tip: Create a thorough Job Description
Top tip: Avoid rash or personal recruitment decisions
  1. Avoid Chinese Whispers

Chinese whispers are common in business; you must communicate effectively. Remember that some people like to listen and others prefer to read. Ask your team how they would like to be communicated with. Then, put in place the best solution and manage it going forward.

Top tip: Check! Make sure that employees have understood what you’ve communicated.
  1. Know Where You Are!

Your workforce is one of your key business assets. It needs to be managed correctly. Do you know who is your worst offender for sickness absence? How are you managing this? In 2014/15, 23.3 million days were lost due to work-related ill health and 4.1 million due to workplace injuries (Health & Safety Executive). Measuring your business’ HR performance gives an essential understanding of where you are. Only then can you realistically decide where you want to be. Plus – simple key measures make HR processes such as performance management or redundancy far more effective and save valuable time.

Top tip: Set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your HR function