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Three Digital Opportunities for HR

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Technology is taking over! Wherever we turn, processes are becoming digital – generally making life more instant and convenient. HR is no exception.

A new report from Econsultancy highlights how HR professionals are adapting to the changes offered by the digital revolution. The biggest area of change is proactivity. Rather than simply using technology to monitor and review operations, HR professionals are embracing the wider opportunities that technology brings.

Optimising customer experience (CX) was viewed at the greatest opportunity for organisations. The report states that: “CX is also driving change in the processes, structures and practices across organisations as a whole – including HR.

“Whether it is finding ways to reinforce a collaborative culture or breaking down department barriers, the implications for HR are essentially a greater need to support cross-company collaboration and to facilitate change.”

This creates three exciting opportunities for business owners and HR professionals:

Three Digital Opportunities for HR

  1. Digital Literacy

One of the biggest opportunities for HR professionals will be improving the digital literacy within their organisations. 71% survey participants said that business leaders should be technology-literate. The reality? Just 28% deemed that the leadership within their organisation were digitally literate.

  1. Employee Experience

Employee experience across the organisation is a core component of digital transformation within a success business. The report states that: “It is about how organisations respond appropriately to the challenges and opportunities that the digital world creates, or in other words, how they reshape the way in which teams work, collaborate and behave.” HR professionals will have a key role in addressing these team issues.

  1. Leadership Qualities

With a changing perception of leadership qualities, HR roles increasing develop softer skills within the workplace – involving activities such as flexibility, adaptability and curiosity, together with the ability to embrace change.

But – traditional skills such as being commercial, inspirational and action-orientated are also required. HR professional need to blend the two – developing individuals to mix empathy with driving progress forwards.

Every employer has the chance to make the most of these HR opportunities. The first step? Review your HR policy regarding employee and team development. How can they be changed to make the most of the digital opportunities that exist? From recruitment to performance management and team development… the potential to increase efficiency and engagement exists.