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Trainee Electrician


Our client is currently recruiting for a Trainee Electrician for a project taking place in Bedford. A copy of the Job Description can be seen below. To apply:  Please send a copy of […]

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Electrician / Electricians Mate / Improver


Our client is currently recruiting for an Electrician, Electricians Mate / Improver for a project taking place in Bedford. A copy of the Job Description can be seen below. To apply:  Please send […]

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Do you know the background of your team? – Uber loses licence.


An excellent article written by Emily Burt of People management (25th September 2017) highlights the importance to businesses of robust background of your team checking procedures, after Uber had its licence to operate […]

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A Hidden Cost!


Recruitment within businesses can sometimes entail a hidden cost that business owners do not take into account such as the additional burden for the team to develop the new member in the role […]

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The Arrival of the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)


The EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will come into force on 25 May 2018, replacing the UK’s Data Protection Act 1998 and will affect all employers in areas such as recruitment, subject […]

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mental health

Mental Health: The HR Perspective


Mental health has been catapulted into the headlines recently, thanks to Mental Health Awareness Week (8 – 14 May) and royal revelations from Prince Harry about seeking counselling and his support of the […]

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The Apprenticeship Levy is here!


Are you thinking of taking on an Apprentice? If yes, then as of April 6th 2017, companies with a salary bill over £3m must spend 0.5% of this amount on Apprenticeships. You will report […]

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Employment Law, Status, HR Advice, HR Support

A spare £25,000 anyone? – Employment Contracts


A spare £25,000 anyone? This is what it could cost a business in a worse case scenario for not providing an employee with a Contract, read on to find out why.  Why do […]

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Your Referencing Duties – Part 2 of 2 part blog


Your Referencing Duties In our last blog, we dispelled some of the myths surrounding employee references. Even though there is no legislation precisely covering providing references, employers do have three clear duties to […]

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Take a Break!


Wow! UK employees use just 77% of their annual leave each year to take a break. The Harris Poll survey also found that only half of workers use up all of their holiday […]

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The Hard Facts of Recruitment


Employers must be aware of the actual numbers involved with recruiting new people and looks at options that can significantly reduce those costs. What is the average cost of turnover assuming a salary of […]

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The True Cost of Recruitment


Blog 1 of 3 – The True Cost of Recruitment  The True Cost of Recruitment.   People often believe that the cost of recruiting is purely the cost for advertising or using a […]

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