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How to manage long-term sickness

Published in Absence Management, Employment Law

Matthew Pinto-Chilcott of Consensus HR comments “An excellent article written by Kevin Charles (People Management 5th Oct 2017) a leading Barrister gives some excellent legal & HR information on the correct way to manage long term sickness within your business and clears up some of the misconceptions of what can be done and what cannot especially in relation to when somebody goes on holiday whilst on sick leave and reminds me of many incidents I have dealt with over time. Many of the points raised and how to deal with them can also be related to normal sick leave such as the refusal to co-operate with occupational health or allowing us to write to their DP / Consultant for advice. In the past the need to ask their permission to write to their GP / Consultant is a necessity to ensure that the correct reasonable adjustments are made if needed to their job and the process needs to be completed correctly to obtain the best results as Long-term sickness can affect production and staff morale, and lead to discrimination claims. The key to tackling such concerns effectively is to be aware of the problems that commonly arise, and know how to deal with them”.

Questions answered within the article are as follows:

  1. An employee is not fit for work but everyone on Facebook can see they are taking part in leisure activities and trips abroad. What should I do?
  2. What happens to holiday entitlement when a staff member is on long-term sickness absence, especially if they are off for more than a year and the policy says holiday cannot be carried over?
  3. How do you deal with conflicting medical opinions about a long-term sick member of staff?
  4. What happens if an employee refuses to cooperate with occupational health or consent to a medical report?
  5. What help is there for small businesses that don’t have an occupational health service?
  6. Can I dismiss an employee if they are still in receipt of company sick pay?

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