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Employment Law: Many people do not realise that from the moment your business begins to grow and you advertise for that first employee, employment law begins. How you place the advertisement, what is asked for to questions you may ask at an interview and should you get this wrong it could result in a hefty Employment Tribunal award.

Understanding how difficult it can be for companies to adhere to the ever changing employment law is why when the business was set up that Matthew studied for three years with the University of Surrey & Cipd’s Employment Law Barristers. This was to ensure that he gained a full understanding / qualification within this field (ACEL) to support businesses who do not have the luxury of a Consensus HR in meeting its legal requirements whilst acting to best practice to gain maximum results for the business and team.

Email & telephone advice line

Sometimes our clients wish to gain advice urgently and prefer to either telephone or send an email and we understand and is why for a small monthly fee we can provide unlimited advice from our Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) qualified professionals.

On the whole we are able to answer questions immediately but should further information be required we will get back to you within 4 hours. As part of our advice we will provide draft legal letters to ensure your company follows best practice & the law.

Understanding Employment Law can be hard for any business to ensure it continually adheres to the laws set by Parliament & European Directives. Employment Tribunal (ET) fees on average cost £7,000 per day for 4 days totalling around £28,000 we ask our clients why would you risk incurring these costs as well as your status as a reputable employer and support them in putting the right systems in place.

Did you know by law that all members of your team are entitled to a Contract of Employment within two months of starting with the business?

Seeking professional HR and business advice can help your business be proactive rather than reactive. You’ll be doing as much as possible to prevent disputes from happening. Should you have to proceed to ACAS conciliation or ET, you’ll be able to demonstrate best practice and activities meeting legal requirements. Your business will be seen as a business of preference to work. You’ll also achieving better sales, employee motivation and reduced turnover of staff.

The team are Chartered members of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development and hold an advanced qualification in employment law (ACEL)

Employment documentation

Understand the importance of employment documents and what is a necessity from the start such as Contracts of Employment & Handbooks. These include the relevant Policies written for the business and by getting these foundations in place from the start can help to ensure that businesses have the right systems in place to improve business success whilst making them a preferred employer of choice.

By having the correct documents in place it will help to ensure that your team know what is expected from them whilst also putting in place the Policies & Procedures relevant to their role and what action maybe taken should they not meet the required standards.

All our documents are written in conjunction with the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) and are drafted specifically for the company.

Business Support

At Consensus our relationship with our clients is extremely important and is why each client is treated individually and not as a number. We get to know our clients businesses and provide solutions to their HR issues whether it is introducing contracts, values or a performance management system to employment law training. We are there to take the headache away of employing people and allow the business to continue to grow.

Providing help, guidance and coaching support at every stage whether you need us to be present on site to support you or talk you through the situation. This can be on the telephone or email and regardless of what your HR need maybe. This can be advice on employment contracts, a specific issue or want to make a change, we will help and guide you through the employment law. We help Companies with their People Solutions’.

Our aim is to ensure that all our client receive a proactive rather than reactive service that works with them to identify any potential pitfalls that may occur and put suitable solutions in place for the benefit of the business and team. We will carry out a one hour complimentary audit on your current HR within the business and give you honest feedback and options on the best way forward.

Onsite support:

Dealing with employee issues such as an unacceptable level of sickness or theft can sometimes be time consuming and worrying for business owners with them needing support and is why at Consensus we are happy to attend a clients business and support them and will provide a quote for this service if needed.

Employment law updates

Every two months our retained clients receive a newsletter that outlines a range of important HR issues to date that they need to be aware of, whether this is employment law change’s or events that have been happening in relation to HR in business. We also provide this information on our website:

HR Development For Managers & Key members of the team

The development of one of your main assets, your team is vital to the success of the business and whether it creating and implementing a new Performance Review process or writing customer service development we are able to provide first hand development courses written specifically for your business together with core Competency Training such as ‘Working to Objectives & Standards’ and Developing Self & Others’ to name just a few

All of this development is written specifically for you and your team and what the business requires.