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Employment Contracts & Handbooks as one of the key HR foundations for any business. They ensure that all your team members know what is expected from them. This includes their salaries and hours to how poor misconduct may be dealt with in line with employment law. They set out the rules for ensuring that everybody within the team knows what action can be taken by the company should expectations not be met. Two examples are Disciplinaries and Grievances; initial actions and steps of last resort would be included.

Our Employment Contracts & Handbooks are legally written by the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) and our HR business professional. We take into account all your specific business areas, ensuring legal adherence. Consensus HR offers a monthly service of unlimited telephone and HR advice. Your Contracts & Handbooks would be updated as and when needed ensuring continual adherence should legislation change.

What is included in a Contract?

All employees are legally entitled to a Contract of Employment within their first 8 weeks of employment. We ensure that a companies Contract of Employment is written specifically for our clients company and include restrictive covenants if identified as a business need.

We visit our clients to gain all the information required to draft the Contract and ensure it meets the business needs and includes:

Name of employer and employee

  • Pay and whether it’s weekly, monthly pay etc
  • Job description/job title
  • Pensions and pension schemes
  • Date employment and continuous employment started
  • Working hours
  • Details of any collective agreements that directly affect the employee’s conditions of employment.
  • Disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • Job location
  • Holiday entitlement
  • Sick leave and pay entitlements
  • Appeals procedure under the Discipline & Grievance.

What is included in an Employee Handbook?

When a new employee starts with the business it is always best practice to ensure they are aware of what is expected of them and an employee handbook plays a key part in assisting them with this and is always good to set out the ground rules with your employees from the very beginning. An Employee Handbook puts all the key information in one easy place so that everyone knows what the rules are and allows them to access the information as and when required without the need to ask a member of the company which during the first few days of a role can sometimes be quite daunting.

A Company Employee Handbook allows the team to gain an understanding of what is expected from them and the company with areas such as pay, hours of work and benefits to communication and team events to name a few. We also ensure that important company policies are included such as disciplinary & grievance, equality and sickness.

We work with our clients to ensure that the handbook is written in an individual way for the business with the company values / vision also included and on some occasions a letter from the management team welcoming them to the team

Why do I need a Handbook and Contract?

These are two completely different items and by having a handbook it allows you to enter all the Company Policies in one place and unlike your Contract of Employment is non contractual thus allowing you to update policies when needed without the need to re-issue contracts.