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Flexible working & Fathers – the reality!

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A recent article by the BBC dated 22nd March 2017 claims that Dads who want to be more involved in the care of their children fear that asking for more flexible hours might damage their careers, the chairwoman of a new probe into the issue says.

Matthew from Consensus HR stated “I remember when this was introduced for everyone in the workplace on the 10th June 2014 when we wrote a blog saying to a number of people it would be interesting to see how many men actually take up the offer and also how practical it would be with the main breadwinner in many houses still being the man. This article demonstrates that culture in the UK has not adapted to accepting it as the norm unfortunately and seems to be the case also with parental leave.”

Conservative MP Maria Miller says such requests can even lead to employers questioning their workers’ commitment.

Research suggests 44% of dads have lied about family-related responsibilities.

The Women and Equalities Committee inquiry aims to find out how much support fathers receive at work.

On Wednesday, the committee began taking evidence to try to uncover what demand there is for change.

MPs will look at how well fathers feel their current working arrangements help them to fulfil caring responsibilities for children of all ages – and if they have the financial support to carry these out.

The inquiry comes in the wake of the 2017 Modern Families Index, authored by employment campaign group Working Families, which suggested that while family was the highest priority for fathers, half of those interviewed felt their work-life balance was increasingly a source of stress.

It will also consider:

  • whether an increase in freelance, agency or casual working might have an impact on fathers
  • whether workplace attitudes about fatherhood need to be challenged
  • if so, what role government, employers and other stakeholders can play in overcoming them.