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Are single-sex Networking Events the ‘New’ Old Boys Club”?


Following the recent incident that occurred with the Presidents Club dinner – Single Sex Networking and the alleged harassment of female hostesses, what are the possible legal implications for those organising and attending […]

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Is your employee holiday “messed up”?


Holiday – Ryanair cancelled 82 flights on Sunday after admitting it had “messed up” the planning of its pilots’ holiday. The budget airline said on Saturday 16th September that it would cancel 40-50 flights […]

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Sports Direct resort to the use of the ‘Emoji’ to measure employee happiness.


Sports Direct warehouse employee (s) who say they are unhappy with their working conditions are being identified by their fingerprints and asked to explain their grievances to management, according to the trade union […]

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A Hidden Cost!


Recruitment within businesses can sometimes entail a hidden cost that business owners do not take into account such as the additional burden for the team to develop the new member in the role […]

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Compassionate Leave in the workplace.


One of the many questions we get asked in relation to compassionate leave in the workplace by our clients is what is the law in relation to ‘bereavement / compassionate leave’ and what […]

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mental health

Mental Health: The HR Perspective


Mental health has been catapulted into the headlines recently, thanks to Mental Health Awareness Week (8 – 14 May) and royal revelations from Prince Harry about seeking counselling and his support of the […]

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Do’s & Don’ts for Getting Along in a Coworking Space.


The Do’s & Dont’s   We’ve all experienced an annoying coworker; the person in the office who clears their throat endlessly, pounds their keyboard too loudly or is oblivious to how pungent their […]

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Is your business working ‘SMART’?


Is your business? Using ‘SMART’ when it comes to setting objectives for the team is a must if you wish success for your team members and business, Matthew states from ConsensusHR. Your team […]

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Top Five HR Tips


Top Five HR Tips – People are a vital and volatile asset for any business. Effective HR saves time and offers business owners flexibility. These TOP Five HR Tips will help keep your team […]

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Managing Pokémon Go in the Workplace


Pokémon Go has reached the UK and is THE mobile gaming app of the moment. How should employers manage Pokémon Go in their workplaces? Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game, that challenges […]

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“It’s common sense!”


This is the frustrated expression we often hear from our clients when an employee is performing badly at work. “It’s not rocket science” is another one. Before judging the person’s performance, employers should […]

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HR: Sticky Plaster or Strategic Partner?


Too many businesses see HR as a last report – a bandage or sticky plaster to put on when things go wrong and people problems emerge. In fact, HR can add real value to a business, making the most of its most valuable and versatile asset… its people.

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