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Do you know the background of your team? – Uber loses licence.


An excellent article written by Emily Burt of People management (25th September 2017) highlights the importance to businesses of robust background of your team checking procedures, after Uber had its licence to operate […]

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Is your employee holiday “messed up”?


Holiday – Ryanair cancelled 82 flights on Sunday after admitting it had “messed up” the planning of its pilots’ holiday. The budget airline said on Saturday 16th September that it would cancel 40-50 flights […]

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Holiday are coming!, Holidays are coming!


As the well-known tune goes, although for different holidays (Christmas), employee’s holidays are soon to be coming in their droves due to the summer school holidays. This is when the Policies & Procedures […]

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mental health

Mental Health: The HR Perspective


Mental health has been catapulted into the headlines recently, thanks to Mental Health Awareness Week (8 – 14 May) and royal revelations from Prince Harry about seeking counselling and his support of the […]

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A spare £25,000 anyone? – Employment Contracts


A spare £25,000 anyone? This is what it could cost a business in a worse case scenario for not providing an employee with a Contract, read on to find out why.  Why do […]

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unfair dismissal

Forthcoming Employment Law dates at a glance……


We have compiled a list of the planned Employment Law changes for the rest of 2017 and start of 2018. 14th March 2017 – Consultation changes to Tribunal fees remission closes 31st March […]

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Our annual 10 HR Christmas Tips – Blog1


Heres our annual 10 HR tips for your business over Christmas. Ensure that your business is prepared for the HR challenges during the festive season. Workplace Christmas parties bring up issues of conduct […]

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Is your business working ‘SMART’?


Is your business? Using ‘SMART’ when it comes to setting objectives for the team is a must if you wish success for your team members and business, Matthew states from ConsensusHR. Your team […]

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Take a Break!


Wow! UK employees use just 77% of their annual leave each year to take a break. The Harris Poll survey also found that only half of workers use up all of their holiday […]

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Top Five HR Tips


Top Five HR Tips – People are a vital and volatile asset for any business. Effective HR saves time and offers business owners flexibility. These TOP Five HR Tips will help keep your team […]

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The Hard Facts of Recruitment


Employers must be aware of the actual numbers involved with recruiting new people and looks at options that can significantly reduce those costs. What is the average cost of turnover assuming a salary of […]

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Managing Pokémon Go in the Workplace


Pokémon Go has reached the UK and is THE mobile gaming app of the moment. How should employers manage Pokémon Go in their workplaces? Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game, that challenges […]

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