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How to manage long-term sickness


Matthew Pinto-Chilcott of Consensus HR comments “An excellent article written by Kevin Charles (People Management 5th Oct 2017) a leading Barrister gives some excellent legal & HR information on the correct way to […]

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Compassionate Leave in the workplace.


One of the many questions we get asked in relation to compassionate leave in the workplace by our clients is what is the law in relation to ‘bereavement / compassionate leave’ and what […]

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Holiday are coming!, Holidays are coming!


As the well-known tune goes, although for different holidays (Christmas), employee’s holidays are soon to be coming in their droves due to the summer school holidays. This is when the Policies & Procedures […]

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The Temperatures Are Rising!


What are the legal / best practices for businesses when it comes to their teams? The British weather does not generally result in extreme temperatures but what about when this does happen and […]

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mental health

Mental Health: The HR Perspective


Mental health has been catapulted into the headlines recently, thanks to Mental Health Awareness Week (8 – 14 May) and royal revelations from Prince Harry about seeking counselling and his support of the […]

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Do’s & Don’ts for Getting Along in a Coworking Space.


The Do’s & Dont’s   We’ve all experienced an annoying coworker; the person in the office who clears their throat endlessly, pounds their keyboard too loudly or is oblivious to how pungent their […]

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mental health

Employees with mental health issues face a lack of support and discrimination


Over half of workers with mental health issues believe there is inadequate support There is a desire for wellness initiatives (45%), flexible working (40%), clearer policies (35%) and more open discussions about mental […]

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Take a Break!


Wow! UK employees use just 77% of their annual leave each year to take a break. The Harris Poll survey also found that only half of workers use up all of their holiday […]

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Top Five HR Tips


Top Five HR Tips – People are a vital and volatile asset for any business. Effective HR saves time and offers business owners flexibility. These TOP Five HR Tips will help keep your team […]

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HR: Sticky Plaster or Strategic Partner?


Too many businesses see HR as a last report – a bandage or sticky plaster to put on when things go wrong and people problems emerge. In fact, HR can add real value to a business, making the most of its most valuable and versatile asset… its people.

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Breaking News: Commission Element of Holiday Pay


Breaking News: Commission Element of Holiday Pay Queries about holiday entitlement are amongst the most common questions that employers raise with us at Consensus HR. The answer is… it varies, but it there […]

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Stressed at Work? Take a Stroll.


Almost a third of people take a stroll to combat stress at work. Recently, I read that taking a stroll is a useful and popular way to combat stress at work. I’ve certainly […]

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