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Employment Tribunal (ET) Claims up 66%

Published in Employment Law

Claims up 66 per cent in first quarter after Employment Tribunal (ET) fee abolition in July 2017.

Back in July 2017 we wrote about the fact that Employment Tribunal (ET) fees were to be scrapped after being introduced in 2013 and being found as unlawful and the situation of refunds of fees paid was a huge topic of conversation.

Well its no surprise that in the first quarter (3 months since fees were abolished), statistics on Employment Tribunals in England & Wales have shown that claims are up by 66% but why?

Matthew from Consensus HR comments “These figures demonstrate that many people were put off placing a claim when fees were introduced but now that they have been scrapped feel they can get justice for any employment issues that have not been dealt with correctly. Businesses should never make the assumption that through poor management an employee will not go to an ET and should ensure they promote good management through their companies policies & procedures. Employers should be proactive and manage their team sufficiently to create a productive working team / environment and a successful business. We have recently dealt with many cases from unfair dismissal to unauthorised deduction of wages with Acas initially to seek a suitable solution and avoid an ET for issues that employers through adequate management / time could have been avoided. Businesses need to ensure that they are covered adequately and seek the appropriate advice”

The figures show that whereas the number of single claims – for individual grievances such as unfair or wrongful dismissal – jumped 64 per cent in the first quarter, multiple tribunal claims fell 15 per cent, with the number of overturned cases increasing by 42 per cent.

Emily Burt of People Management – 14th December 2017 discusses further.