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Employment law is complex and businesses acting for themselves can result in significant risk. We understand that you don’t want to break the law or face expensive Employment Tribunals (ET) and that few businesses can afford a full time HR professional or HR department and is where we can offer a helping hand with a fully legally HR qualified team & HR support service.

HR: Sticky Plaster or Strategic Partner?

Too many businesses see HR as a last report – a bandage or sticky plaster to put on when things go wrong and people problems emerge.

In fact, HR can add real value to a business, making the most of its most valuable and versatile asset… its people.

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April showers… and Employment Law Changes

April showers… and Employment Law Changes It’s April. The inevitable showers are here and, as always, April is an important month for Employment Law. 2016 is no different with some key legislative developments taking place. Read on to take a look at these changes, in... read more

Rallying Remote Workers

Rallying Remote Workers Managers have a lot of responsibility, from legal requirements the employers have to meet to ensuring that people are engaged and motivated in the workplace. Technology has created global talent mobility and alongside it, an increasing number... read more

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Consensus HR tickDo you always know how to deal with employment or HR issues?

Could you do with a helping hand from a professional legally qualified HR support service?


At Consensus HR we know that running a business can be hard on its own but when you employ your first employee and continue to increase your head count there comes a time when professional HR support is needed and is where Consensus HR & Business can help you.

We provide you with local, personal and professional HR services with up-to-date expertise whenever you require it without breaking the bank on an outsource basis. Whatever the human resources or employee issue we would love to help you.

We can help you to:

  • Understand & deal with complex employment law with legally qualified people – accredited by leading professional bodies, including the Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Bar Standards Board.
  • Be proactive rather than reactive with suitable HR solutions
  • Avoid breaking the law and expensive tribunals
  • Gain the expertise of an HR professional without the in-house costs
  • Immediate availability of up to date HR expertise
  • Provide your Employee Contracts & Employee Handbooks
  • Act as your HR Consultant and HR Advisor whilst offering you the best HR Management Advice

We know what it is like to run a business having had the opportunity to be at the forefront of making a business work from ordering, sales, customer service bottom line profit and much more but our owner & founder of Consensus HR & Business was always tasked with dealing with people solutions and the required HR within the business and is why Consensus HR was created to offer businesses a HR solution by HR / Business Chartered professionals that know the constraints that businesses face on a daily basis and how to get the best for the business and its team whilst keeping up to date with the ever changing employment law. Consensus HR & Business also understands the importance of how effective Human Resources can make a valuable difference financially, legally and operationally.



It can be hard for any business to ensure it continually adheres to the laws set by Parliament & European Directives. Employment Tribunal (ET) fees average £7,000 per day totaling around £28,000. Why risk incurring these costs as well as your status as a reputable employer?

Seeking professional HR and business advice can help your business be proactive rather than reactive. You’ll be doing as much as possible to prevent disputes from happening. Should you have to proceed to ACAS conciliation or ET, you’ll be able to demonstrate best practice and activities meeting legal requirements. Your business will be seen as a business of preference to work. You’ll also achieving better sales, employee motivation and reduced turnover of staff.

We are Chartered members of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development and hold an advanced qualification in employment law.


At Consensus HR we class Contracts and Handbooks as two of the key HR foundations for any business. They ensure that all your team members know what is expected from them. This includes their salaries and hours to how poor misconduct may be dealt with in line with employment law. They set out the rules for ensuring that everybody within the team knows what action can be taken by the company should expectations not be met. Two examples are Disciplinaries and Grievances; initial actions and steps of last resort would be included.

Our contracts & handbooks are legally written by the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) and our HR business professional. We take into account all your specific business areas, ensuring legal adherence. Consensus HR offers a monthly service of unlimited telephone and HR advice. Your contracts and handbooks would be updated as needed ensuring continual adherence should legislation change.


On average, it costs up to £8,000 to recruit a new member to the team. This incorporates the time and costs invested in:

  • writing the advertisement
  • placing it with the correct source (Paper, Job Centre, Social Media)
  • writing the selection criteria
  • preparing the questions that will be asked
  • interviewing candidates
  • training the new member
  • loss of production and possible customer service and customers,
  • developing the new team member
  • possible bad moral amongst the team
  • the possibility of a change in business culture

 There’s a lot to consider. When our clients are recruiting, we work with them to ensure all these areas are covered. Together, we ensure that the best talent is recruited for the vacant position.


At Consensus HR we know that that each person is different; unique. We all learn differently. We need to ensure that training and development activities take this into account. This also applies when writing and implementing development programmes. All learning styles should be covered in customer service, recruitment, appraisals or disciplinary and grievance development for example. This will allow each team member to gain a full understanding of what is being taught. They will then implement this into their working lives for personal and company benefit.


Working towards the same company goals ensures success for the business as well as individuals working within it. Earliest development and implementation of correct policies and procedures is the recommended by Consensus HR.

We know that this facilitates effective performance management – of your teams and your business. These steps allow for individual SMART objectives to be written and rewarded appropriately if achieved or identified development or corrective action taken.

Six monthly structured 121 performance management meetings (appraisals) are recommended. These allow the individual and company management representative to sit down in a friendly environment and set SMART objectives. Both company and personal goals are agreed for the team member to achieve. Feedback should be sought throughout the year. Plus, everyone is fully aware of initial actions and steps of last resort.

At Consensus HR, we’ve seen that correctly implementing an effective performance management programme can:

  • increase team motivation
  • increase sales
  • retain team members
  • improve customer service
  • improve business performance

Above all, everybody understands how they contribute to the success of the business. They also know what corrective action will be taken should they not be willing or able to achieve the agreed objectives set.


Managing absence within business can be time consuming. Incorrect absence management can demotivate the team and increase sick days within the business. This is why Consensus HR works with our clients to:

  • introduce and implement correct methods to manage absence
  • ensure the correct action is taken from return to work interviews
  • gain authorisation to write to the employee’s doctor or specialist if needed
  • source an external occupation health provider if required

We find that our clients like the peace of mind that correct procedures offer. Should problems arise, they can be dealt with swiftly, confidently and reasonably, meeting legal requirements.



Investigations are a key part to any business when having to deal with alleged misconduct in the workplace. When conducting an investigation, the Acas Code of Practice & Statutory Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures must be taken in account. These guidelines state the best practice involved with: notifying the relevant personnel taking notes the people who should be present advice given at the opening of the meeting what action can or should be taken upon completion Incorrect action can result in claims for unfair dismissal and financial compensation awards, (often involving thousands of pounds). Talk to the team at Consensus HR to ensure your investigations.


When managing people there may come a time when you have to discipline someone for misconduct. The situation must be resolved. This area is governed by the Acas Code of Practice and The Statutory Disciplinary & Grievance Procedures.

These procedures set out the correct methods to be used and the penalty or outcome that can be reached. These include First Written, Final Written or dismissal plus the period that the chosen outcome will last.

Consensus HR ensures that best practice is used throughout the process. This ensures that your business is legally compliant. It also means that action is taken to the benefit of the employee and business. It is seen as corrective action rather than punishment. This reduces the possibility of claims of unfair dismissal at an Employment Tribunal. 



Unfortunately there may come a time when businesses have to make members of the team redundant. This can be due to loss of sales, clients or changes in technology for example.

When making employees redundant, it is essential that best practice is adopted and actions are legally compliant. This will minimise disruption to the business and help maintain moral amongst the team.

Working with Consensus HR ensures that any redundancies are carried out correctly, legally and efficiently. The dangers of not handling redundancy situations correctly include:

  • loss of sales
  • demotivated team members
  • change in company culture to bad moral

To protect your business and handle redundancy situations fairly and legally, talk to the team at Consensus HR.


This is a very diverse area that needs to be amended to suit the needs of the business and its culture. A competitive benefits package needs to be introduced for all employees and can range from including Health Care, Pension (other than statutory NEST scheme), Dental & Health Scheme, Voucher scheme for local retail outlets, Life Insurance, Gym Discounts, Season ticket loan, Car Allowance depending on Location and role, commission on top of their basic salary as well as Incentives such as Weekend’s away, team events, and family days.

Who is behind ConsensusHR?

matthew-pinto-chilcottConsensus HR & Business – Herts & Beds was set up by Matthew Pinto-Chilcott whose experience has been within the public and private sectors, ranging from small family owned businesses to large international organisations. He has covered all aspects of the employment life-cycle from recruitment and selection, disciplinaries and grievances, performance management, training and development to being able to help problem solve and assist management in difficult times. He is commercially, operationally and HR aware having managed and worked in a wide range of fast footfall/turnover businesses with large teams of management and employees for UK & international companies. Matthews career commenced at the coal face of industry but later moved into implementing HR & Development for a wide range of businesses having known what it was like to work at the forefront of business for businesses such as Forte Restaurants & Hotels, Welcome Break, BP, Shell, BK, KFC, Veolia Water, Superdrug and DSGi to name a few. Matthews qualifications include:

  • Chartered Fellowship of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (FCIPD)
  • Advanced Postgraduate Employment Law qualification (ACEL) – accredited by leading professional bodies, including the Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Bar Standards Board.
  • BA (Honours) Degree in Business & Leisure Management
  • Group Training Techniques (Stonebow)

  Matthew’s specialities include Employee Relations, Change Management, Performance Management, Employee Reward, Recruitment and Selection, Operational Management, Employment Law, Learning and Development, Talent Management, Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Catering, Fuel and Pharmaceuticals.

What do others say about us?

“We approached the Consensus HR team to create an Agreement which would set out how we work with our associates. Consensus HR offered a very knowledgeable and friendly service, answering our questions fully and promptly. The Agreement they created was exactly what we needed. They have given us peace of mind that our company and our associates know exactly how we are working together both now and in the future. I thoroughly recommend the services of Consensus HR.”

Dawn Wills

Decisions Marketing

Due to our rapidly expanding team we were facing many new challenges in the process of recruitment and compliance with various laws. We approached Matthew Pinto-Chilcott of Consensus HR for his advice and were delighted with a very friendly, professional and rapid response. Not only Matt’s advice helped clear up many issues but also provided greater insight into the recruitment, engagement and employment process. I’ll highly recommend Matt and his professional services to anyone who is looking to employ team members. It has saved us many hours of work and has been beneficial in developing a smooth and strong relationship among the team members.

Nosheen Lone

Manager, TekOne Technologies Limited

“I have found Matthew of Consensus HR extremely helpful guiding me through a period of massive change for my business. He has helped me through all the processes and ensured that I kept within the legislation. He has been very patient and explained the step by step processes needed for my employees and is always on the end of a phone, e-mail or will pop in for a chat to see how we are getting on. Highly recommended!”

Julie Goodwin

Owner, Natural Health

“We approached Matt as we were in the position of taking on our first employee with absolutely no idea of what we should do to ensure we complied with the many and various employment laws. Matt clearly and calmly went through the different options and explained each in detail. He also explained the different steps that we needed to take to ensure everything was covered and answered all of our many questions confidently and thoroughly without making us feel in the least foolish. We now feel safe and secure in the knowledge that we are covering all bases and both Knight Property Management and our employee’s are complying with all the legal aspects of employment. We would have no hesitation in recommending Matt to anyone considering taking on staff or to anyone who is already an employer. We will continue to use Consensus HR for all HR related matters in the future and have every confidence in Matt’s sound knowledge of all things relating to HR.”

Jan Hunter & David Porter

Knight Property Management

Call Consensus HR & Business to see how we can help you look after your employees and protect your business 01462 621243 / 07747 789279

How Much Does It Cost?

CostThe cost of our fully insured packages varies based on the number of employees and turnover of your business but start from a small investment of £95 per month.
Terms & Conditions Apply
Please contact us for more information and to discuss your HR needs.

Pay-As-You-Go Service

Pay-as-you-go-phonesWe also offer a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) service for businesses who aren’t sure or aren’t ready for our full offering just yet. We can help you get your documents up-to-date and even give you access to our telephone support lines at an agreed ad hoc rate.
If this is something that would interest you, please contact us for more information.

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